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12:00pm - 12:30pm
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Deb has been in residential real estate sales
for ten years, but, already she is a Lifetime
Top producer. Her knowledge is not just from
texts but from actual experience.
Her colleagues have always told her that she
has a tremendous wealth of knowledge, and,
they continually rely upon her for information, sometimes incredibly arcane.
Her clients, of course, have tremendously benefited from her knowledge and her style.

Those interested in either purchasing or selling residential real estate in
the greater metropolitan Washington area would so benefit from hearing her frank,
but honest opinions; opinions which are based on fact not fiction.

Deb’s number one goal for the show is simple:
You, the consumer become better informed.
You, then can better understand the sales  process
and better comprehend the role of all of the participants.

With that in mind, Deb’s shows not only feature her along with her producer,
and fellow realtor, Tara Winfree, but, a host of local professionals in the area;
ranging from mortgage bankers to settlement attorneys, to representatives of
new home sales, and fellow realtors.
Deb strives to keep you up to date on the local market and changes in
regulations and conditions that can effect the sale or purchase of your home.
RealEstate1220 is an entertaining and educational half hour experience every Saturday.

Although Syms clothing is now gone; their motto still applies: 


Questions or suggestions
for show topics?
Feel free to contact
Deb Pestronk
or 703-624-2132


Listen to Past Shows:
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Wait for loading....AIR DATE:  4/6/2013

What is the fascination with real estate ?It could simply be that everyone needs a place to sleep. Noah knew that; we still have that same basic need.

And, it’s just my opinion that the public does not truly understand the role of a realtor or their responsibilities. Realtors have, yes they do, a code of ethics and standards of practice

Wait for loading...AIR DATE:  4/13/2013

The show tries to impart to you a better understanding of the process and participants. What is a contract? How bothersome is it? Do I really need to understand it?  Do I need to sign forms and why?

“You just might want to view this as a chess match (you need to depose the King) If you engage in a chess match, chances are pretty much 100 percent that you have been explained the rules; you understand the pieces and their allowable movements or restrictions…it’s not just yelling CHECKMATE!” 

Wait for loading after clickAIRDATE: 4/20/2013

“How hot is today’s market? Will you possibly get burned?

What do buyers need to know? What should we as an agent advise them? How do we prepare them?

Buyers need to know the statistics in the specific locale…Remember it doesn’t matter what an igloo costs in Alaska if you are buying a studio condo in Fairfax”

Guest, Annette Wagner, Broker/owner of Centurion Properties weighs in regarding the mania, especially in the District.

Wait for loading after clickAIRDATE: 4/27/2013

The easy money of the early 2000’s eventually led to a market which crashed. Obtaining a mortgage was so simple, that Deb claims “even my cats could have gotten a mortgage”. JUST A FEW YEARS AGO, WE SAW A PLETHORA OF FORECLOSED PROPERTIES AND/OR BANK- OWNED PROPERTIES.

Her guest, Dave Hoghtaling, a realtor with Coldwell Banker, has extensive experience with foreclosures and bank owned properties AND EXPLAINS THE PITFALLS OF SUCH AND ALSO THAT THIS IS A MARKET WHICH HAS LARGELY DISAPPEARED IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

AIRDATE: 5/4/2013

Obtaining financing is, of course, a crucial part of the process, except for those buyers fortunate enough to have CASH to purchase. Local mortgage banker Susan Ciapparelli of American Security Mortgage joins Deb and explains the mortgage process; including the famous NO NO’s!! Don’t acquire a anew car or boat ; Don’t quit your job. Don’t have unidentifiable deposits in your bank account.”


The Deb Pestronk Team Long & Foster Realtors 1700 Bracknell Dr. Reston, VA 20194

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